Positive Women

Positive Women’s Support

We offer a women’s/women’s identified only space at VPWAS office between 3pm and 5pm on the 3rd Friday of every month.

Peer support by, with and for women living with HIV creates an enabling environment for us to feel empowered and take control of our lives again after an HIV diagnosis. Shared experiences can address common concerns we may face, like stigma and disclosure.

Personal support from another woman living with HIV
can be uplifting, supportive and counters a sense of isolation.

Drop-in for coffee, cake and to meet and find out about our other positive women’s events.

250.382.7927/1.877.382.7927 (toll free)
101-1139 Yates Street
Victoria, BC



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ViVA Victoria is a social support group, to encourage HIV positive women/women identified to connect in a confidential, safe and friendly space to discuss their issues, support each other and exchange ideas.

At least once a month, ViVA  Victoria get-together outside the office environment for a meal, a movie or a daytrip. We are a supportive and diverse group of female friends, who understand the personal and health issues particular to women who are living with HIV. Through listening, sharing and understanding, our wide-ranging and often times humour-filled chat helps to puts things in a more positive light.

We encourage you to join us and welcome your ideas to add to this lively group of poz women!

*ViVA Victoria is a sister partnership with ViVA BC

Contact Penny to find out about the next gathering

ViVA Victoria
250.382.7927/1.877.382.7927 (toll free)


Invitation to All POSITIVE WOMEN IN B.C. ViVA

ViVA is an on-line advocacy and peer-support network created by and for HIV positive women. We welcome and encourage ALL women living with HIV in B.C. to participate.

ViVA runs a listserv (confidential group e-mail list) that we utilize to communicate between positive women across the province.

If you are interested in being on the ViVA listserv simply e-mail vivawomen@gmail.com and/or call Margarite toll free at 1.866.482.3445.

For more information on ViVA, A positive women’s community in action click here.

Other Resources for women living with HIV

Positive Women’s Network (PWN)

  • Provides education, support and resources for women living with HIV in BC and for service providers in health and social services across the country.

Oak Tree Clinic www.bcwomens.ca/Services/HealthServices/OakTreeClinic/Services.htm

  • Providing Care to Women & Families with HIV/AIDS

The Body.com

HIV/AIDS Resource Centre for Women

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