A day without art

When: Saturday, December 1st, 2012
Various Locations (Art Galleries), Victoria, BC

This World AIDS Day, December 1st, local galleries and artists will symbolically black drape art work to recognize the loss of artists and art due to HIV/AIDS. The event “a day without art” is a revival of an annual event that took place in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a period in Victoria when the gay community was devastated AIDS.



Polychrome Fine Art, a day without art installation

Participating Galleries

The University of Victoria Art Collections Legacy Gallery 630 Yates St
Madrona Gallery 606 View St
Studio J 1324 Broad Street (by appointment, contact Dale Roberts 250-884-4962)
Polychrome 977A Fort St
Dales Gallery 537 Fisgard St
Sukhi Lalli Care Clinic Lobby 1139 Yates St

Participating Artists

Artists works sold by silent auction to benefit
Victoria AIDS Resource & Community Service Society (VARCS)
and the Vancouver Island Persons Living with HIV/AIDS Society (VPWAS)

Linny D. Vine
Dale Roberts
Bertrand Dion
Shawn Shepherd
Jeffrey Boron
Gillian Cornwall
Roger Neisman

VARCS and VPWAS are grateful for the support of local artists and galleries

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