VPWAS is committed to taking a leadership role in developing programs and communities that support PLHIV rights to live healthy, positive, sexual lives and access the information, resources and tools required to help them achieve that.

We believe that PLHIV have the right to live within their individual framework of what it means to live positively, to feel empowered, and to have access to what they need to make healthy decisions within that framework and also that this will support any efforts to incorporate prevention (HIV infection/reinfection & STI) as part of our overall health and well-being.

In line with our commitment and beliefs we are undertaking Poz Prevention initiatives to complement and strengthen existing HIV support and prevention efforts and that recognize that both HIV positive and HIV negative individuals have important roles to play in this work.

These programs offer a variety of activities and events to increase social interaction for people living with HIV/AIDS and HepC and improving their health and well-being.

At VPWAS we fully embrace the concepts of GIPA (Greater involvement of People Living with HIV and AIDS) and MIPA (Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV). Click here for more information on GIPA and MIPA.

*all programming takes place at VPWAS office, unless otherwise noted


Peer Navigation and Peer SupportVPWAS provides free, confidential Peer Navigation and Peer Support to anyone who is living with HIV, knows someone living with HIV, or is concerned about HIV and is our most accessed program.
Complementary Health CareVPWAS Positive Wellness Program provides complementary holistic therapies such as massage, acupuncture, naturopathy, more to promote your well being, practitioners are professionals who understand needs of people living with HIV. The program services will be offered in our office and in the community at a discount or special rate. This program is free for Vancouver Island PWA members.
Lunch & LearnThe Lunch & Learn Program at VPWAS is a series of training and presentation workshops offered to VPWAS members free of charge. Invited community presenters/facilitators offer a variety of practical and educational sessions to enhance members understanding of HIV and issues that impact our lives.
POZitively ConnectedSocial and Support Networking for POZ Gay/Bi Men in Victoria!
Positive Women and ViVA Victoria The Positive women of VPWAS have a monthly gathering in a women’s only safe space. VPWAS is happy to partner with ViVA.
SocialFinding acceptance and a sense of community is an important step in living well with HIV.
For more information on how to access any of these programs or services contact:Phone: 250.382.7927
Toll Free: 1.877.382.7927


Community Referrals & AdvocacyOur peer supporters and staff will help to provide referrals to community programs and services and will seek out information for people who request it. We realize that we can’t do everything. If you are looking for a particular service in the community we will refer you to the best place to meet your interests and needs.

If you are in need of assistance getting to an important appointment, we can help arrange for a ride, go with you, or provide bus tickets.

*tickets are limited.
Treatment Information LibraryVPWAS offers a treatment information library and access to computers (when possible) to provide the most up to date information we can. Treatments can be complicated. Finding out what your medications are doing for you and learning how to live with the regimens and the side-effects can be equally complicated. We will help you to find what you need and assist you in your search.

The library is also available to health care providers and students seeking to learn more about HIV medications.
Computer CaféOur Computer Café offers computer access for members to research HIV information, check e-mail, work on documents or do internet searches. Contact the office for more information or drop in during office hours, there is always someone available to assist.
Members LoungeThe members lounge is a comfortable quiet space for members to meet and talk, get information, share information and build connections with others. Have a coffee and a treat and just relax.
Movie LibraryWe have a large collection of DVD movies that members are welcome to borrow. There are many titles to choose from and family friendly films are available. Drop into the office and check it out.
POZ PreventionCondoms, did you say condoms? Of course we have on hand male and female (internal and external) condoms and plenty of lube available at our office and in the lobby of the Lallicare Clinic. We also supply condoms to various locations around town.

HIV positive and HIV negative people have important roles to play in promoting healthy relations with sexual partners, to strengthen the sexual health and well-being of each other and reduce the possibility of new HIV infections and other sexually transmitted infections.
VolunteerSupport programs and services at VPWAS can provide you with wonderful opportunities for you to enhance skills, build friendships, and actively participate in your community. Our support programs and services also allows you an opportunity to work with diverse populations who will benefit greatly from your unique contribution of energy, compassion, and talent.

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